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Web Building and Design with FREE Hosting for 1 year.
Web design projects undertaken, your design or mine. I can arrange domain name set up and professional web hosting.

I use Hostgator at www.hostgator.com, I consider Hostgator to be the very best web hosting on the internet today, with excellent services and fantastic technical support. Here is a short list of options available. Feature rich CPanel, Fantastico (Instant Script Install), Unlimited POP 3 accounts, Webmail, MySQL databases and more.

Photo Gallery Website Integration

Control over image upload and presentation at your website is made easier with software like http://www.4homepages.de/. Here is a website using image management successfully integrated into their design. www.international-visions.com

SEO optimization, google sitemap set up, google analytics set up, adsense set ups for websites

Every site would benefit greatly with improved search engine optimization. If your site is competing for attention with similar keyword phrases then your site would do well with a fair keyword relevance to attract the visitors you want. A Google and Yahoo sitemap allows the Search Engine Bots to quickly analize your website pages to see what you want and dont want adding to the Search Engine results. I have a special script that can help you do this and keep your content up to date. A Google Analytics account will let you see where your visitors are coming from and what keywords are being used. Theres much more to know, but your webmaster needs to add code to all your web pages. I can help. Adsense and Adwords, Im sure you've heard of them. Once again Google products to help you advertise your site and also to gain revenue from ad clicks. Monetize your website now!

Web site extras
Spam free web forms. Rokbox. Tooltips.

There are many simple website add ons that are essential nowadays. One is a good reliable contact form that is protected against spammers and hijackers that can hack vulnerable old form scripts to send bulk email. I have some solutions to combat this problem. Rokbox is an excellent way to present media directly for maximum effect for your visitors, this is part of a new trend across the web and looks very professional indeed. Try the demo and you'll want your site updating with RokBox. ToolTips are those boxes that appear when your mouse moves over a link or image. They are very useful to add extra information to your pages and help greatly to enhance your visitors understanding of what you do.

All web building work undertaken. Contact me for pricing.